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Build stronger relationships with your customers and innovate quickly, with personalized options catered to your wider business goals. 

Everything in one platform.

Boost Customer Data

Customers are willing to share significantly more data with the Score than they are on a usual purchase journey.

Triage Customers

Streamline lead flow, understand customers’ needs and leverage high value leads in ready-to-purchase state.

Increase Conversions

Build confident, motivated customers with the right plan at the right time.

Build Loyalty

Change the conversation. Stimulate re-engagement and have a reason to stay connected all year round.

Increase Cross Sell

The Score advises the 'next best action' across your product mix.

Financial Well-being

Give your customers the confidence and tools to make smarter choices, when it counts.

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We have big news!

Sherpa is now HYKE, a global decision support company. Check out the HYKE website to learn more about what HYKE means and where we are going: www.letshyke.com

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